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About Us

We are employee-owned and deliver professional services in technology, high performance IT solutions and digital strategy to the industry.

Global Provider for Global IT Futures

We are a professional services provider in technology. Established as a traditional provider of managed IT services, Krubha has evolved with industry and the rapid pace of change within the technology sector. We recognise the importance of people and business process in the successful adoption of technology and change. Our readiness to embrace and apply change comes from our people and we offer a variety of business services across the lifespan of successful technological deployment and adoption. We are a people centred business with a global workforce of 100 plus staff and contractors.

Our values are central to what we do and how we do it. We pride ourselves on being easy to deal with, agile and accepting of change across a wide range of challenging and rewarding roles. We are a team of ‘can do’ and ‘how can I help’ individuals committed to teamwork, partnership, service excellence and delivery.

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Established for over 20 years, our impressive growth has been organic and founded upon our core values of “doing the right thing” for our clients and workforce, which has, in turn, underpinned long term relationship with our clients, continually working together to deliver continuous service innovation and improvement.


To partner with our customers in bringing the right people and technology together to deliver their business agenda.


To be the market leading technology services provider, living our values through our empowered, innovative and professional workforce.

Our Guiding Principles

Following consultation with our people, our Board of Directors selected the seven guiding principles that express who we are, allow us to create an inclusive organisation committed to conducting business ethically and with integrity.


We believe in creating an inclusive working environment; providing equal opportunity to all and supporting cultural diversity.


We recognise a safe and sustainable business is a good business. The safety of our workforce, the environment and the community is integral to everything we do.


We value our relationships, we cultivate and invest in partnerships, and collaborate to achieve a shared goal.


We deliver results; through leadership, governance, and continuous improvement. We strive for success and exceed the expectations of our partners.


We are committed to the wellbeing of our people; we strive constantly to attract, develop and retain the best people; we uphold in an honest and open environment.


We are driven by our code of conduct; built on trust, morals, and ethics. We maintain a strong reputation with our partners, our people, and the community.